Territory Taste Festival 2017 – Darwin Convention Centre

Hey everyone, Darwin’s Territory Taste Festival for 2017 was bigger and better than last year!  Held at the Darwin Convention Centre, almost every auditorium and the foyer was filled with stalls promoting their tasty food and wine!  There was a beer garden, a champagne lounge, a cocktail bar and a selection of food and drink stalls outside of the convention centre as well.

If you’re a foodie then you would have enjoyed the tasting samples!  Showcasing the Territory’s local produce, local and a few interstate businesses it was a fantastic display that celebrated what we have in Australia!

Tickets were only $25 and includes two free drink vouchers.  You could choose from a red or white wine, beer or a soft drink.

There were a range of chefs demonstrating their culinary skills – Miguel Maestre, the Spanish guy from the TV Show ‘The Living Room’ – also known as The Crazy Bull, Anna Polyviou, Dessert Queen by day and DJ by night and Jimmy Shu, the owner of the Hanuman restaurants just to name a few.

Miguel Maestre was the absolute entertainer and a winner with the ladies. He was hilarious and enthusiastic about what he does best! He did a few cooking demonstrations including making a fish cerviche, chocolate churros, used traditional Indigenous flavours with a perfect slice of buffalo meat and he even cooked some crocodile! He was amazingly funny and I’d pay to see him again!

Anna Polyviou was such a wicked chick! She made these Tarts on a DJ Turntable – that’s unheard of!  Her skills in the kitchen are what make her so brilliant! Thanks Anna! You rock! I also had my stubby cooler signed by her as well – I was very lucky!

I thought I would entertain you with a snapshot of the food I consumed over the two days! Absolutely devine! I also had a food coma by the end of the weekend!

If you loved this post and want to find out more about the Territory Taste Festival, head to their website here: http://territorytastefestival.com.au.




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