Things to do on a date

Here’s 6 simple and inexpensive ideas for when you go on a date.

The way I see it you go on a date with someone to spend time with each other. Forget the flowers and nice card.  It’s a lovely gesture but the reality is the flowers are going to die after a few days and the card gets thrown out
when you finally get around to spring cleaning your house.  Rather than waste your money on things that the person isn’t going to use, consider these
simple ideas –

1. Picnic
Go to the park and take a small blanket or rug, plates, cutlery and glasses. Prepare a basket or esky of food and drinks.  Think about what the person‘s favourite food i.e. scallops, prawns, cheese and crackers, selection of cold meats, dips, oysters etc.  For drinks, you could bring a bottle of wine, soft drink or juice.

2. Make something
Show off your culinary skills and cook something nice, like pasta or make your own sushi rolls.





3. Takeaway
How about fish and chips from a local shop? You can sit at the wharf or somewhere nice along the coast to watch the sunset.  Remember to prepare drinks.  Or there’s always sushi.

4. Choose a nice restaurant
If it’s your first date pick somewhere neutral that has a variety of foods such as, an “all you can eat” buffet or a sit down meal that isn’t specific to a theme or


5. Markets

My favourite place to go is definitely the markets.  If you are lucky enough to have food and clothing markets near you, you’ll understand what I mean.  There’s so much choice for food and stalls galore if you feel like shopping.


6. Recreational activities
How about taking someone to the cinema and catch the latest movie. You might want to consider bowling or fishing.  One of my good friends played tennis with her partner for two hours! That’s just what they enjoyed doing together.

Whatever works for you and your partner is the key, as long as you both enjoy each other’s company.  

Have fun!


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