10 simple ideas for a marathon – How to binge watch

Preparing for a marathon?  Here are 10 simple ideas to get you binge watching like a pro.

1.  Be comfortable

You’re going be there for a while right?  Well, you have to setup your watching space so that you are comfortable throughout the whole experience.

You can sit or lay down on the couch, lean back on the recliner, lay on a bean bag on the floor or lay in bed.  I recommend you turn the air-conditioning on (particularly for those in tropical climates) and have a cover of some sort, such as a blanket, jumper, pillow or teddy which you can also snuggle with (it’s all part of the experience).

2.  Snacks

You can’t watch a movie without a few snacks on hand for when you get a little peckish.  You might want to go all out and have a couple of wines with some cheese or a bag of skittles, potato chips and popcorn might sound more like you.  Whatever you choose just remember you’re in for the long haul and you need to stock up enough to last you several hours.


3.  Beverages

Choosing the right beverage to suit your watching conditions is key.  If you want a wine, have a wine.  If you want a cup of tea, have a cup.  There’s nothing wrong with having a good selection of drinks, just remember to stock up on what you need before you start watching something such as ice, tea bags, soft drink, wine, cider etc.

Tip: You might want to throw everything in an esky or ice bucket and have it beside you or use it as a leg rest so you don’t have to get up to get drinks from the fridge.


*Warning* The more liquid you consume increases the frequency of your toilet breaks.


4.  Cancel your schedule

Check your schedule and cancel all your plans.  There’s nothing worse than forgetting your friend’s birthday or simply a dinner you were supposed to go to with your family.  You might want to lock the gate and front door so you don’t get disturbed.

5.  Meals

Before you get stuck into your marathon I highly recommend you setup your meals for lunch and/ or dinner (depending on when you start your marathon).  Frozen meals are the easiest because you don’t have to worry about pausing your show for too long and your food can be heated using the microwave or baked in the oven.

6.  Choosing a TV show or Movie

If you know what you want to watch, watch it.  For those a little stuck and can’t decide what to watch, check out IMDB or search in Google for a plot summary of a movie or show you’ve heard about.  You may want to look at some reviews to see what you’re in for before you watch it.  I visit the Rotten Tomatoes site and find their reviews quite honest and entertaining.

*Warning* There may be spoilers in the comments and the reviews can be a little harsh.

OR –
You might have been given a pile of DVDs from a friend that they have recommended you watch.  They generally ask you if you’ve watched them the next time you see them so it’s probably good to watch them first.

OR –
If you’ve still got video stores in your area – grab the cheapest deal and pick a show at random!

7.  Let’s watch!

It’s time to watch the show or movie of your choosing.  Check the TV and other related devices are on and check the sound is just right.  Ensure the TV remote is accessible (within reach) and that your snacks are beside you.  Remember that esky for your drinks!  They should be cold by now!

8.  Sleep

Remember that everyone needs sleep.  Be disciplined and tell yourself that after the end of the episode you are going to bed.  Or you might be one of those people (like me) who fall asleep before the end of a show or movie and have to rewind it to find out the ending!

9.  Post show or movie

Generally experienced after finishing 10 seasons, you feel like you know the characters and have watched them grow throughout the series or films.  I tend to feel little a lost and want to find out if there’s any extra footage or interviews that the actors do.  You also might want to check out the bloopers.  Just search for them on Youtube.  There are also countless articles that are published that you can read which relate to the actors or discuss the possibility of a sequel or a new season.

I also check out Honest Trailers (spoilers) and How it should have ended.  These videos are hilarious only because they are true!  These are a must see!  Here’s one of my favourite Honest Trailers, enjoy!

10.  Connect back with the real world

After watching so many seasons back to back, or if you’ve just powered through all the Star Wars films, you’ve got to connect back with the real world.  Invite a friend over for tea or arrange to meet at a cafe for lunch.  Make sure you balance the binge watch with the real world – no one wants to be a couch potato all the time…or do they?

Got any other simple ideas that should be on this list?  Post a comment below.


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